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Donna D. McMillan

Professional Organizing Consultant & Coach

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Donna D. McMillan is a highly-experienced Personal Coach and Trainer. She has been coaching Professional Organizers since 1993 in phone consultations, workshops and seminars, including four in Holland (1998-2000).

Over 30 years of experience as a full-time entrepreneur, Trainer, Coach, Speaker and Professional Organizing Consultant. For the novice, intermediate or experienced business owner, this Coach will expose new opportunities, enlighten you about your own talents, and target specific directions to aim toward immediately.

The Organizer Coach

Private Coach for Professional Organizers

Your “Personal Coach,” Donna D. McMillan, will empower you and help you focus on accomplishing your goals step-by-step. She also offers private guidance in the marketing and management of your business. As a veteran in this unique industry, Donna has been a coach, trainer, mentor, “cheerleader” and friend. She has the expertise to bring you up to your highest potential.

Donna has been a Coach and Workshop Trainer for Small Business Owners and Professional Organizers since 1993. She taught workshops at 5 NAPO National Conferences and presented entrepreneurial training courses for new organizers in Holland four times (1998-2000) with colleague, Anne-Lies Van Overbeek of The Get Organized Institute.

On every level, business owners often feel the need to “get back on track” or that they’ve run out “steam.” Most work alone, having no one for accountability or brainstorming on ideas … Donna calls this “Caveman Syndrome.” Her extensive knowledge and enthusiastic approach will make a difference for you, your business and your future!

Donna is frequently asked questions about the organizing industry. Here is a letter to Donna and her reply …

Dear Donna …
I was just wondering how you got started in this type of business.  I am a super organized person and have started doing some research into this field.  I am currently reading “Organizing Plain & Simple” by Donna Smallin, which is where I found your website. I’d appreciate any advice that you have for me.

“Ready to Organize”

Letter from Donna …

Dear “Ready to Organize,”

Thanks for your inquiry about becoming a Professional Organizer. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying “Organizing Plain & Simple” … I love it too! Actually, the author quoted me seven (7) times in this book!! So glad you visited our website.

McMillan & Company Professional Organizing is celebrating another anniversary (founded in 1984)! After leaving the corporate job market (after 20 years there), I pursued my lifelong dream … to develop a service-based business that truly “makes a difference” for individuals and businesses, small and large. I’m one of the very first Professional Organizers, and it was difficult to get started. There was NO one to train or coach me … or Oprah, Dr. Phil or cable TV shows to promote organizing services. Some friends thought it was a “good idea,” but they couldn’t help with marketing, management or development of these unique services!

It certainly helps to be an organized person and to have experience working for other businesses. It’s also important to learn the skills to be a good business owner. The Professional Organizers I know (locally, nationally & internationally) own their own businesses, and there’s always a lot to learn. We’re also members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

The best advice I can give you is … continuing education and a private coach in this specific field. No business fails faster than one that ignores the need for both. This, of course, involves your time and money, but they are important “investments” toward your future success!

I’d love to be the SUCCESS COACH for you and your business! Contact me when you’re ready to get started with a “bang” … with KNOWLEDGE and lots of self-confidence.

Happy Organizing,
Donna D. McMillan
McMillan & Company Professional Organizing

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  • Four (4) weekly appointments by phone, 30 minutes each
  • Clients call Coach at same pre-scheduled time each week. They also email 3-4 “burning questions” to Coach prior to each session, which will be covered along with homework status.
  • Missed sessions will be rescheduled in advance for same week.
  • Sessions focus on answering your questions and completed homework assignments.
  • Recommended Reading: A Manual for Professional Organizers

If you have a question for the Organizer’s Coach, get started on the help you need by sending Donna an email:

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