Home Office & Business Organizing

We provide the tools (systems), techniques and training. You reap the benefits.

  • See immediate positive results from practical solutions
  • Employ new systems created for your specific needs
  • Stop wasting time, space and money
  • Enjoy freedom from clutter, frustration, procrastination and duplication
  • Operate your home, business & life more efficiently and effectively
  • Gain greater success in less time
  • Focus your attention on doing what you do best
home office organization

“Visual graffiti” is negative energy. Being organized results in balance and harmony in your office, in your work and in your busy life. You deserve a calm, organized world!

We help you …

  • sort and categorize possessions
  • decide what to keep and not
  • find charities for donations
  • store all items for easy access
  • employ unused space
  • use appropriate containers & products
  • label containers for identification
  • develop time-saving habits
  • learn how to maintain your new systems

Office Organization

Whether you’re in a corporation, small company or home-based business, we will help you get organized and create efficient, personalized systems.

In general …

  • needs assessment
  • set up new office, re-organize existing office
  • sort & categorize
  • decide what to keep and not
  • store items for easy access, employ unused space
  • find charities for donations

Paperwork & Time

  • current records & resource materials
  • filing systems color-coded
  • archive records
  • paper flow
  • procedures manuals
  • time management & calendars
  • action plans & priorities
  • project & task management
  • maintain new systems
  • train staff


  • desktops & drawers
  • supplies & project areas
  • file cabinets & closets
  • storage areas
  • containers & other products
  • traffic patterns
  • furniture placement
  • equipment placement
  • work areas


(provided by our associate)

  • computer consulting & research
  • training/tutoring
  • data management
  • contact management
  • accounting
  • internet & email
  • backup procedures
  • mobile devices and more

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