Seminar: Clearing Office Clutter

CLUTTER Costs Your Company An Average of $3,000 Per Year Per Employee


Money and time are lost as a result of disorganized of files, paperwork and supplies. If your employee earns $50,000 annually, each minute is worth $.42, and every 1/2 hour is worth $12.60. In a year, if they waste 1/2-hour a day, a value of $3,074.40 is lost … based on 244 eight-hour work days.


A unique program for businesses to assist employees to become more productive in half the time. Learn how to organize work areas and habits to save your company an average of $3,000 per employee each year.

Clutter distracts, hinders concentration, drains energy and is a waste of time. First, we must eliminate clutter before we can effectively organize your office.

After the clutter is eliminated, a new organized system is established for your files, paperwork, supplies, books, resources and computer printouts.



A two-hour seminar, in the morning, for 5-15 preselected participants. Our presentation demonstrates the principles and procedures of organizing every item in your office: files, paperwork, supplies, books, etc.

Hands-On Implementation

The instructor will work with those 5-15 participants, in the afternoon, in their own offices implementing what was learned in the seminar — actually doing the organizing with them. A second day can be scheduled to complete the workspace of most employees involved. As a result, these participants will have a brand new reorganized office.

Should you not wish the full-day seminar/hands-on program, the instructor can offer the seminar only.


  • Newly reorganized office space:
  • Money saved — an average of $3,000.00/person
  • Time saved — minimum of 1/2 hour per day
  • Space saved — an average of 25-40%
  • Regained one filing cabinet
  • Reduced supplies expense
  • All supplies are now accessible
  • New, simple filing system exists
  • Eliminated the clutter
  • Determined what to save, store and toss
  • Established efficient storage for information
  • Space planned for furniture, equipment, etc.
  • Find anything in 60 seconds or less
  • Reduced stress
  • Maintain the order
  • Newly reorganized personal life

The learned techniques filter into participants’ homes and private lives as well. An organized personal lifestyle positively affects one’s work environment too.

Donna D. McMillan, founder of McMillan & Company Professional Organizing, proudly announces a collaborative union with Sue Mc Millin, president of With Time to Spare. (Yes, names are similar.) By combining their backgrounds (Donna since 1984 & Sue since 1982) as independent contractors and Professional Organizing Consultants, they are focusing their expertise and seminars toward businesses and organizations.

With numerous years of previous experience in the corporate world, these experts bring to clients an inspiring, motivating Employee Training Program titled, “Clearing Office Clutter.”

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