Who and what is a Professional Organizer?

Consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers and writers devoted to organizing lives. They are experienced, trained experts who will develop customized systems for your needs

Which areas of my life will benefit from a Professional Organizer’s assistance?

— All areas … both professional and personal … in your office and home

— Management of your time, space, information, projects, paperwork and resources

— Confidentiality and reliability are guaranteed by established professionals

Who are typical clients of a Professional Organizer?

— Individuals of all ages, some struggling with major life-changing situations

— Small businesses, including start-ups

— Large companies, some dealing with new growth or down-sizing

— Non-profit organizations, large and small

Where and how will I receive a Professional Organizer’s help?

— During on-site consultations, hands-on sessions, private phone coaching, virtual organizing

— Referrals are offered for services outside our expertise (technology & software trainers, etc.)

What are the benefits of hiring a Professional Organizing Service?

— Personalized systems are designed for your own specific needs and personality

— Solutions for problem areas are recommended

— Procedures are developed to increase productivity, cost-effectiveness and control

— Techniques are taught to help you become and stay organized

— Chaos, clutter, waste, overwhelm and stress are reduced &/or eliminated

— Balance, peace of mind and freedom become a part of your life every day

Do Professional Organizers provide on-going services?

— Yes, many offer “maintenance” appointments — weekly, monthly & quarterly “tune-ups”

What organizing supplies and containers should I buy?

— Appropriate products from well-known manufacturers & distributors will be recommended

— Your Professional Organizer will demonstrate how to use these products

How should I prepare before an appointment? Should I clean-up first?

— Do not “clean-up” … your Professional Organizer needs to see and understand your specific problem areas and goals

— Buy or gather up only the recommended supplies

— Be ready to make decisions … and fulfill commitments you made to yourself

— Be patient … “letting go” can be difficult, but it’s necessary sometimes

— Reward yourself when project is done

How long will it take to get my office completely organized?

There are many variables involved during the process. This depends on many factors, such as:

— How long did it take for this space to become disorganized?

— How quickly can you make decisions?

— How big is your project (number of rooms, types of systems needed)?

— How much clutter is in your rooms (visible and invisible)?

— Are you committed to making changes and investing in this project?

— How much are you willing to do yourself when we are not there?

— Are you willing to work with one or more of our Staff Organizers?

— Plan to schedule “tune-up” appointments

— Keep positive momentum flowing

— Remember: “Organizing is a process, it’s not a one-day project.”©

How much will it cost to hire a Professional Organizer?

— Rates often vary for different services. Be specific about all your needs

— If you have a budget for your project, be sure to provide that information

— Established professionals’ rates reflect a high level of experience, specialties, locale, years in business and amount of training in this specific profession

— Rates of high-quality, experienced Organizers range from $60-$100/hour and up

— Plan to pay for organizing services at the end of each appointment — Some, not all, accept credit cards

— Note: Most organizers do not provide clerical help or cleaning services

Are Professional Organizers certified and insured?

— Donna is certified by ICD (NSGCD) – Level I Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization — The only certification program for professional organizers is available through NAPO

— An established, experienced organizer can provide numerous testimonials

— McMillan & Company Professional Organizing is insured

How will a Professional Organizing Service help when we move?

— This varies from company to company, so be specific about your needs

— When you don’t have the time, patience or resources to manage all the details

— By providing experience, recommendations and solutions specific to your needs

— By organizing all rooms, storage areas, paperwork and your possessions

— By obtaining bids from movers and other vendors

— By following a detailed timetable and keeping your move on track

— By overseeing movers while items are being packed, loaded & moved in

— By unpacking and putting away each item in a convenient place immediately

— We provide “Relocation Relief” before, during and after your move … as much or as little help as you need

Is a Professional Organizer willing to travel?

— We have served clients locally, nationally and internationally. Of course, travel expenses apply in long distance situations

— Some do not … however, referrals to colleagues in your area may be available

The SECRET of Organized People is …

they have systems and procedures for everything in their life and they maintain them daily. Being organized is not a talent, it’s a skill that can be learned by anyone who really wants to be more organized. Remember … “organizing is a ‘process,’ it’s not a one-day project.” ©

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