Dear Organizer …

I want to hire an experienced professional organizer. How long has your Professional Organizing company been in business officially?

Since 1984 — we are one of the “pioneers” in this unique industry.

What is your professional background – training and experience?

  • Education – Business, Home Economics and Sales
  • Work – 20 yrs in corporate arena – insurance & claims, property management, and sales
  • P.O. Industry – hands-on experience plus many years of training seminars, workshops, etc
  • Continuing Education – includes courses offered through the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD).
  • Earned NSGCD Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization May 2005.

Does your company help corporations, small companies, solopreneurs and residential clients?

Yes we do. We also work with Seniors, Students and ADD clients.

What specific services do you provide?

  • On-site & Virtual Services, Consultations, Coaching, Workshops & Seminars
  • Needs assessment, procedure evaluations, space planning
  • Time management, goal setting/planning, project management
  • Paper management, filing systems, records retention
  • Hands-on organizing in workspaces and storage areas
  • Relocation coordination, organizing (before, during & after a move) & unpacking

Do you organize without clients being present or require them to be involved during appointments?

The best way we can serve each client, teach techniques, and create “personalized” systems is when they participate in the process. Each client is unique, each project is special.

Do you personally work with clients, bring assistants, or send associate organizers?

Yes, all of the above — whatever matches the needs of our clients.

Do you provide an Agreement defining specific services and fees?

Yes, one will be sent for your signature to reserve your first appointment date.

What guarantee is offered by your company?

Confidentiality is guaranteed in written Agreement signed with every client.

How do you charge for Services? Minimum hours?

  • Hourly – different rates for different services – all are shown on Services Agreement
  • First on-site hands-on appointment is 5-hours minimum. Follow-ups are 4-hours minimum. Includes training/coaching.
  • Virtual Organizing/Phone Consultations 2-hour minimum – prepaid (four 1/2-hr sessions).  Includes training/coaching.

I’m a do-it-yourselfer (DYIer), but would benefit from your experience, advice and tips. Do you offer Consultations without hands-on organizing? Minimum hours?

Yes, these information-packed sessions (on-site or by phone) are a 2-hour minimum, usually in four 1/2-hour sessions. Client provides “before & after” photos.

Do you charge for travel time or mileage to drive to client’s office or home?

For hands-on appointments (4 hours or more), we do not charge to travel within one-hour from our West Los Angeles office. Charges may apply for further distance and for two-hour consultations.

Are there other service fees?

Yes, for cancellations (less than 48 hours), NSF checks, parking at client’s site & travel expenses (airlines, hotel, taxi/car rental, meals, etc.).

Does your company accept credit cards?

Yes, Visa and Mastercard. We also accept checks and cash.

How do I know what organizing supplies I need to buy before appointments?

In advance, we recommend products for you to have on hand. Also, we will shop for you for a fee.

Can you refer additional services by reputable professionals?

Yes, we have extensive resources available for our clients.

Will you provide references or testimonials from previous or current clients?

Yes, to see clients’ testimonials, go to …

Is your company licensed and insured?

Yes, our company has a business license, resale license and business liability coverage.

Do you also present Seminars and Workshops to companies and organizations?

Yes, we’ve offered these services for many years …

Are you a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers? How active?

Since 1991, highly-involved locally and nationally, including Past President of NAPO-LA (two terms), NAPO National Board of Directors, National Golden Circle Chair 2000-2005, NAPO-LA POLA Committee, plus countless events and committee activities. Details … 

Donna D. McMillan
Productivity Consultant
Efficiency Trainer/Coach

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