Personal Assets Inventory Workbook© and AssetCommander™

By Donna D. McMillan

AssetCommander™ software program developed by DataBasix Technologies

Fires, floods, windstorms, earthquakes, thefts and loss of life are devastating … emotionally, physically and financially. These major life-changing events make us even more aware that we must “be prepared”… at all times … for any type of loss or disaster! The best plan is do it now, while there is still time and it’s foremost in your mind! Later could be too late!! In a lifetime, everyone (everywhere) will experience one or more of these situations, unfortunately. It is very important to keep complete records of all the key people in your life who should be contacted in emergencies, along with the locations of all your vital records and possessions. These easy-to-use organizing products are beneficial to you, your clients, family and friends.


The “inventory process” is painless and extremely satisfying. McMillan & Company Professional Organizing has personally helped clients compile a complete inventory (room-by-room) of all items in their home and office. We used the Personal Assets Inventory Workbook© and/or the AssetCommander™ software program. The workbook and software backup fit in a small safe deposit box or firesafe box, along with original receipts, photos, and video tape of all valuable and precious possessions. We strongly recommend that copies be provided to your insurance agent, attorney, and a close friend or family member.


The Personal Assets Inventory Workbook© was originally developed in 1993 following major disasters (fires and earthquake) in the West Los Angeles area. The author and Professional Organizer, Donna D. McMillan, was a former licensed insurance agent. She realized there was a serious need to assist and protect clients and other potential victims locally and nationally. Soon afterward, DataBasix Technologies created AssetCommander™ software. These helpful inventory products received national acclaim when both were featured in Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, February 1996 issue.

Additional publicity appeared in Physician’s Money Digest, Senior World Newsmagazine and Ask Anne and Nan, a syndicated column.

“Why You Need A Home Inventory” – published in Kiplinger’s Retirement Report – describes the reasons for and methods to be more prepared before an emergency or disaster.

“If you can’t prove you owned it, you can’t claim it. That pretty much sums up the insurance battle. Put assets on the record with AssetCommander.”

—Physician’s Money Digest

“A home inventory can come to your aid in a number of circumstances. AssetCommander helps you record inventory information and makes updating easy.” 

—Kiplinger’s Retirement Report




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Organizing Your Vital Documents

By Donna D. McMillan and Karen Simon (Island Organizers)

A step-by-step guide to organize your important information. By using this guidebook, you’re taking the first step to protect yourself and your loved ones should “something” ever happen to you, your home and/or your business.

Be guided through simple steps to identify, gather, contain and maintain what you and your family would need in a crisis. It’s all in one place (or two) and you are ready before an emergency or disaster.


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Information Overload

By Donna D. McMillan and Karen Simon (Island Organizers)

This power-packed booklet provides a system to process mail, email or other forms of communication quickly and easily. Developed by a duo of professional organizers, these proven techniques have been successful with clients who struggled to get a handle on the information they receive every day.

“Hot Action Files” help you to save time, energy & money; control clutter; quickly manage your paperwork, email & vital information.

Digital PDF $9.95

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Organize Your Small Business

Tips from A Collection Of Experts

Top Contributors Include Donna D. McMillan and Karen Simon (Island Organizers)

Whether you are a seasoned business person or just starting out as a professional, you will discover helpful techniques and solutions. Each contributor offers tips from their expertise as a Professional Organizer.

Gain Control Now of your workspace, schedule, documents and procedures.

Digital PDF $9.95

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Golden Tips for Getting Organized

By the Golden Circle Members of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers)

Learn the Secrets of Veteran Professional Organizers! This 28-page booklet, filled with 104 valuable organizing tips, was released in May 2001 at the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

Donna D. McMillan of McMillan & Company Professional Organizing is one of the experts whose tips are featured in this information-packed publication. She served as the NAPO National Golden Circle Chair for five years and was active on the Golden Circle Tips Booklet Committee, who produced this booklet.


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A Manual for Professional Organizers

By Cyndi Seidler

This fact-filled guide is “recommended reading” for the phone coaching sessions and seminars for Professional Organizers offered by McMillan & Company Professional Organizing. T

The Manual includes the basics about the organizing industry, skills and tools of a Professional Organizer and Independent Contractor, setting up and running an organizing business, records to keep, marketing strategies, building and maintaining clientele and more.

An article co-authored by Donna McMillan is included in book. And here is her testimonial:

“This manual is the most insightful, comprehensive, straightforward and orderly one of its kind. It is a ‘must read’ for anyone who is serious about becoming a successful Professional Organizer. The basic techniques outlined in this publication provide readers with beneficial guidance to launch and promote their own businesses.” -Donna McMillan, Past President, Los Angeles Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), 1996



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