Solving The Puzzle


“Cultivate order before confusion sets in.” – Lao Tzu, Tao te Ching

Clutter and chaos are expensive! Your time is valuable and your energy doesn’t need to be wasted. Would you like help to let go of unproductive habits and unnecessary items in your office and home? An experienced, supportive Professional Organizer will help you physically sort through your paperwork and possessions, and gently guide you through the difficult decisions and organizational process. You will be empowered and learn the skills and… Continue reading

Is It Getting Too Noisy?

Article by Sherie L. Zander, Ph.D., Dr. Sherie Zander, 310-472-9736

Have you ever had a room full of people shouting at you, calling out to you, and needing your immediate attention? If not, perhaps you can imagine what that would be like – frustrating, confusing, irritating and possibly, immobilizing. Trying to respond to all of the needs at once will slow you down and you will accomplish very little. Meanwhile, the voices continue to cry out.

Because women perceive everything around them with “diffuse… Continue reading

Take A Break

Take a break, put your feet up and just breathe for a few minutes. June 23rd is Let It Go Day, which should be everyday! According to Thomas and Ruth Roy of Pennsylvania, who created this holiday, “Whatever it is that’s been grabbing your gut or your psyche, let it go. Just let it go. It’ll be a better day afterwards.”

If you’re stressed and bouncing off the walls, you may simply be inundated with a hectic lifestyle and don’t have all the answers.… Continue reading

Tax Time!


Tax time is a routine part of life every year for business owners and company employees alike. The deadline for filing annual tax returns is by April 15th (gulp). Once that day has passed, we all must begin to prepare for the next one. There’s federal and state income tax, personal property tax, payroll tax, city business license tax, sales and use tax, capitol gains tax, and estate tax. Calendars must be highlighted with reminders of Due Dates and prior dates to… Continue reading

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