Don’t Be A Victim

Safety and peace of mind for you, your family and all the valuable possessions in your home and office are paramount. You CAN avoid becoming a “victim” !!!

We can’t wear blindfolds. Things happen to everyone all the time, when they’re least expected. They don’t just happen to the other guy. Are you ready for an unforeseen situation?

1. “Be Prepared” … before an emergency occurs! Fires, floods, windstorms, earthquakes, thefts and loss of life can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Be sure to… Continue reading

A Place For Everything

Life is so much easier when everything has a "home." If each item is in its place - waiting for us when we need it - the stress and wasted time will end! Are there any "homeless" items in your office or house? Rather than keeping all your possessions out (in sight), use containers inside cabinets, closets, drawers, and bookcases to declutter and systematize the space. Here are a few more tips ... Continue reading

How To Handle Junk Mail

How often are you bothered during your busy day or at dinnertime by calls from telemarketing companies, or with stacks of unwanted mail, emails or faxes?

Send a request to the following and ask that your name be removed from these companies’ lists. Also advise them that you do not want your name or address sold to any other mailing list companies.

For unsolicited mail, contact:
Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008
(212) 768-7277

For unsolicited calls:

NATIONAL… Continue reading

Happy Place To Work


Whether your primary workplace is in a corporate setting or your home office, becoming and staying organized is crucial for your own piece of mind.

In both situations, you deal with literally tons of paperwork, interruptions, phone calls, correspondence to answer, projects, and the list goes on. Have you ever found that you move from the desk to another location when concentration is necessary? This may indicate that you don’t have a happy place to work!

STEP #1 — The… Continue reading

Free Me From Chaos!

What happens when you can’t find your glasses, keys or those important phone numbers?

You may experience immediate panic, anxiety and noticeable stress, frantically digging through stacks of paperwork and belongings, opening every drawer in sight. You may be talking to yourself as if you would hear an answer! “They were here … I saw them yesterday. Now, I’ll be late …”.

More than ever before, products (tools) are available to help you become “more organized,” but once purchased, who will teach you the “right”… Continue reading

Space Management


Things happen behind closed doors — in closets, cupboards and drawers. What do you do about all the excess clothing, shoes and other “stuff” that consumes valuable storage space?

Need an incentative? National Get Organized Week, publicized by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), was celebrated annually the first week of October. Now, January is officially designated as National Get Organized (G.O.) Month.


Try on your clothing and shoes once again and make decisions. Separate into categories: (a)… Continue reading

Taking Control

As a positive thinker, consultant, coach and motivational speaker, I’ve always enjoyed empowering my clients. I believed that anyone can take control of their life and their destiny if they really want to.

Sometimes a “guide” is needed to help us to reach all those goals … that’s why so many people have benefited from consultations with a Personal Coach in recent years. Life is packed with too many distractions, so learning new skills (how to plan, focus, and work more efficiently) is definitely important.… Continue reading

Leaders Take Control

What characteristics do the exceptional leaders share with well-organized people? They all have a vision of accomplishment, of efficiency in pursuit of that vision, and effective handling of priorities.

We tend to equate good leadership with good organization. Yet, there are some successful professionals, regarded as leaders in their fields, who do not invite visitors into their homes. (You’d never guess it, because at the office they appear “very organized.”) However, they don’t even allow plumbers or housekeepers in … because of the clutter. Stacks… Continue reading

Clear The Decks!


If your work area is piled high at the end of each day, give yourself the “gift of organization.” Spend 15 to 30 minutes clearing desktops, tables and the floor. Quickly, do today’s filing and declutter.

Now … you can begin the next day with order and confidence, knowing beforehand what needs your immediate attention. Preparation for appointments and calls avoids a fiasco and stress.


To reserve periods of time for appointments, errands, projects, family activities, exercise, and quiet… Continue reading

Advice About Clutter

“I’m an intelligent, successful person, but I can’t seem to get myself organized! I’m desperate!” a prominent business owner revealed. Sound familiar?

Over the years, I’ve heard this more and more, and have come to realize that the answer is very basic. Many people were never “taught” the fundamental principles of organizing in their offices or their homes.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the average U.S. business person loses six weeks each year retrieving misplaced information from messy desks and files. At $75,000… Continue reading

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