Client Testimonials

McMillan & Company Professional Organizing has had the pleasure of serving businesses, solopreneurs and individuals since 1984. Our goal is to create a balanced, organized lifestyle for each client.

Everyone is special … with different issues, backgrounds and personalities. Each situation is unique, and we devote our full attention to every detail and to each client’s goals.

A large percentage of clientèle results from personal referrals. We sincerely appreciate your support and testimonials.

Dear Donna …

“It’s the morning after the day before… the day before having been 6.5 hours with Professional Organizer Donna McMillan. And if anyone who’s wondering about hiring a professional organizer has ANY doubts as to whether it’s a good idea, doubt no further. I was, in fact, reasonably well organized (very little was actually LOST), or so I thought. I am 200% better off. It was great for me, Donna, hope it was good for you too!”

From J.B, Arcadia, CA (P.R. Firm)


“Fourteen years ago, McMillan & Company spent 6 hours with me sorting out what today we would call a hoarder’s nightmare. Today we know who we are. It is like admitting you are a closet alcoholic. Donna’s ‘rules’ stayed with me all these years. Although I strayed from the path of sorting out useless and often archaic detritus … I looked around today and realized I wasn’t following my own rules, so I spent 10 hours purging the past. Thank you Donna!”

From P.P., Palm Springs, CA (Writer)


“I am really so glad you came. You really made a difference in my office. Thanks for teaching as you went along. The “hot box” (as I call it) has turned out to be a great idea and is keeping me much more organized. I am even using my bill organizer now. I could not have done this without you …. You gave me ideas, that I would not have thought of on my own, that have made my life so much better. [I’m really surprised at how much space was opened up. The room feels more pleasant to be in, and I see things that I want to continue to work on.]

“I’ve utilized some of the principles you shared in some of my other rooms. My husband is happy with the results too. I bought a few items from Ikea to help the process along. From someone who really didn’t even know how an organizational expert could help, I am just amazed at how much your input made a difference in my office (and beyond). Thanks again for all your help.”

From K.O., Los Angeles, CA (Publicist)


“Lawyers who charge $200 to $300 an hour cannot bill a client while looking for their files, so [we] have to eat the cost. Disorganization had the overall effect of cutting into the bottom line. When you hire a professional organizer, it is an expense that has a duration. It ends. Where if you are disorganized, the cost goes on forever.”

From I.P., Santa Monica, CA (Attorney)


“It was really great to meet you. Thank you for showing me some wonderful tips to help me get organized. Since you left, I have cleared off my dining table (yay! first time in 3 years), purged and re-arranged 4 dresser drawers, cleared out the laundry basket so I can use it, and finished organizing the stack of letters we had started. I feel really great and motivated to keep going. After you left, I took a break and was up until 2am organizing.”

From M.P., Monterey Park, CA (Corporate Executive Director)


“Wow! I would never have believed that we could transform that room into a viable office in one day. Very good value.”

From P.C., Anaheim, CA (Home Owner)


“Still working at it, but making great progress … really it is about acquiring new habits that will serve me well in the long run. You are very good … very diplomatic, and that made the information very accessible.”

From J.M., Pasadena, CA (Interior Designer/Contractor)


“It was a GREAT investment. At first I felt awkward asking for help when I felt that I was okay with my organizational skills. However, no matter what I did, I could never catch up with work, home, husband, kids, errands, etc… I really appreciated this special time dedicated to me. It’s a small price to pay when you think of how much money we spend elsewhere. I don’t care if you are someone who says you can’t afford it. Consider it therapy. You are worth every penny and doing so will benefit everyone around you! I recommend using a professional organizer to anyone and everyone who needs help! That’s why they are there. Don’t feel guilty like I did in the beginning. I feel great now and that is a word I wouldn’t use often. Thanks!

From S.C., San Gabriel, CA (Business Owner in Home Office)


“When I went to visit my son and his family, my daughter-in-law told me she had a problem with the kids not picking up their rooms, especially her daughter. She asked if I could help with that when I offered assistance. I told Jackie I would help her tidy the room. The first statement I made was, “We need to find a home for your things. Everything needs to have a home.” (Your favorite saying, Donna.) That got her attention. Her eyes lit up and she smiled. So we worked. The room stayed picked up the 10 days I was there!!! I did the same with her brother, Mason, and it worked. Every time the kids would leave their shoes around, I would ask, “Is that the home for your shoes?” The response was everything got picked up and put away. Jackie is 3-1/2, Mason just turned 7 a couple of days ago.”

From M.L., Honolulu, HI (Proud Grandmother)


“Faced with several daunting projects with fast approaching deadlines, the deterioration of my organizing systems at my home office were causing me increasing stress, and I seemed to procrastinate more, as the deadlines grew nearer, and the tasks seemed insurmountable.

Having used a professional organizer years ago, I turned to NAPO, where I found you and your impressive website. After interviewing several organizers, I decided to hire your Company. Now I can sleep again! My office looks the way an office should look; I look forward to going in there again; I can now find anything I need in 30 seconds or less; and I met the deadlines I was faced with.

Utilizing your services was the best gift I’ve ever treated myself to! Thank you (and your staff) again … ”

Best Regards, D.O., Calabasas, CA (Sales Manager)


“Thanks to you, I am on my way to clearing my mess! There is still a long way to go … but just by beginning, I am happier! Perhaps it’s the fact that I feel lighter and now believe there is hope …”

From A.V., Los Angeles, CA (Business Owner)


“Thanks for all your help. I am beginning to feel more organized by the minute!”

From L.M., Universal City, CA (Executive Assistant, Record Label)


“Your help with my recent project was extremely valuable, as it has been in the past. Your kindness and understanding certainly reduced the anxiety. Yet your patient, but persistent attitude, makes sure that the job gets done. I can be somewhat difficult to work with in the areas of organization and space management, but you consistently overcome these obstacles to bring about the desired results. You have my unqualified recommendation as a problem solver, whether you work with an individual or a large organization.

From C.A., Beverly Hills, CA (M.D.)


“Basically, I wanted you to come because I was feeling like I just couldn’t focus … I feel good about where I’m at now! You were an “organization therapist” in more ways than you knew, because our appointment and the process of getting more organized was a catalyst for my changes. I know you are very talented and have recommended you to my friends.”

From A.F., Irvine, CA (College Student)


“Thank you so much for helping me get organized! Three things you made me aware of are pure gold … 1. a home for EVERYTHING. 2. turning bulletin board post-its into ACTION items. 3. ‘million dollar real estate’. You can count me in among your fans!!

From H.N., North Hollywood, CA (Collector & Business Owner)


“… I was thinking my friends could help me get a handle on the chaos in my life. I have a full-time job, part-time job, help friends and family with computer needs, am going to school part-time, writing a novel, a play and other manuscripts. I get bills, magazines and letters (daily), do lots of research … and need to be organized to track all these papers. It was easy to buy file cabinets, files, bookcases, hanging folders and tabs, but I didn’t know how to effective use them. I was becoming buried under this mountain … could not see my desk, floor or couch.

If I was going to deal with this, I wanted to feel supported … you came through … saved my life and my life’s work. You showed me how to handle the paper flow on a daily basis, what can be thrown away, and set up all my files so that everything has a ‘home’. I found ‘jewels’ in my files that I thought were gone forever. For a week now, my desk has stayed spotless. I can handle the daily mail in about 5 minutes, and your voice is with me with each letter I open. I don’t know how to thank you enough for being the lifesaver you are.

From T.I., Los Angeles, CA (Multiple Careers)


“… I save lots of information, and the systems I set up for myself became inadequate. I resisted asking for help … believing I couldn’t afford to hire a Professional Organizer and I should be able to do it myself. Meanwhile, the piles on my desk grew larger and my office became more chaotic. I was becoming frustrated, confused, inefficient, discouraged and depressed, and my work was being affected.

I was embarrassed to show you my “mess,” but you immediately set me at ease. Working with you was effortless … you listened to my concerns and formulated a strategy. I actually had fun doing a job I had dreaded for months … and was inspired to continue the process. I loved the way my office looked and was excited, knowing that I had a workable plan that would keep it that way. What a relief it was! A weight lifted off my shoulders and my mind cleared.

It was only two weeks (after our first appointment) that my practice doubled … the act of clearing my office and my mind had cleared the way for an increase in my business. People were being drawn to me and I was available to receive them. This, to me, was amazing and surprising. I received more than I had bargained for. The decision I made to utilize your services turned out to be a very wise investment. It was worth every dollar I spent to get the benefit of your expertise, encouragement and support. You have been God’s gift to me and I want to thank you.”

From S.Z., West Los Angeles, CA (Home Office)


“… then there is the embarrassment of having to hire a person to help me organize. I was not taught ‘work environment’ organization in (college). Your assistance in helping me organize my calendar and filing cabinets was an introduction to time management. I had (never before utilized) the technical magic … and needed training on how to navigate my environment. You provided that training.

My office is significantly neater and less stressful … and I am more organized. I just needed to get back on track. What is most important for me it that you devised systems that I am willing to live with. I want to thank you for that.”

From I.P., Los Angeles, CA (Business Owner in Corporate Office)


“I truly do thank you for sharing your Professional Organizing talents. I’ve been in business for 31 years, and during the last 28, have been recognized on a nation-wide basis for high levels of production. However, about 4 months ago, a change in my long-time administrative assistant, combined with my undertaking additional personal responsibilities, had a detrimental effect on my business … the desk, paperflow and filing. Various piles grew … and I became the veritable “Post-It” boy. My business life deteriorated to a flurry of “Post-Its” stuck on every conceivable surface within arm’s reach. I felt not only bogged-down, but smothered.

Our organizing session in my office has put me right back on track. It made me aware of techniques which should put me far ahead of where I was. Best of all, I am once again excited about taking on new business. I feel that I have the time to calmly assist my clients as opposed to “tread-milling.” Although your techniques are relatively simple, basic and straight-forward, I would not have incorporated them without your help. I sincerely thank you.”

From M.F., Torrance, CA (Investments/Securities)


“It’s not often that I receive advice that not only changes my environment, but also my way of thinking. The advise you gave me has forever changed the way I view the organization of my home office and personal environment. As a result, I can find what I need with greater ease, my home is less chaotic, and I have a system for finding a place for all new items.”
I must admit that you’ve created a monster that has become obsessed with organization. Every time I open a drawer, a closet, or begin a new file, I consider how I might make changes that will make my life easier. My closets have more space … and I can find files more quickly than in the past. I’m grateful for your common-sense advice, but also appreciate your good-natured approach. It was actually a fun experience!” Thank you!

From J.K., Torrance, CA (Home & Home Office)


“Thank you for what you have done for me. It was really a pleasure to work with you. You saved my life! I would have fallen apart even more than I did, having this traumatic experience of moving after the loss of a loved one. I really appreciate your compassion, your efficiency, everything else one needs during a move.

Your relocating me at my new residence allowed me to continue my business throughout the difficult time without any interruption. I thought I was pretty efficient and well-organized, but you are ever so much better. The skills I learned from you are most useful and beneficial, and I constantly use them. I think of you each time I organize … and highly recommend your services to anyone who is moving!”

From E.S., Santa Monica, CA (Relocation of Home & Home Office)


“My problems were many before we met — clutter, car, insurance, three accidents in one year, financial, where to put what and how to do it. I was feeling incompetent, depressed, sad and emotionally drained.

Your help sorting the mountains of paperwork and supplies was miraculous. Then together we created a personalized filing system, which really works for me! Also in my home office, you rearranged my furniture and possessions. Now, everything from paperclips to documents “has a home.”

All your hands-on help and the organizing techniques you taught me opened my life. This also empowered me to go on functioning with our family business. My children found an “Angel” — you, Donna, an organizer of the highest quality. Most of all, you are a caring individual with great compassion and a true professional.”

From E.H., Beverly Hills, CA (Widow)


“When we came to settle in Los Angeles, you came to the rescue. Our paperwork, both personal and business, was in disarray since my husband operates his business from his home office. Your professional and conscientious way of working eased that transitional period then as well as now. You have truly developed creative ways to access any paperwork we might need, since it fills cabinet after cabinet of our filing systems. We both thank you for your ongoing organizing services.”

From S. & G.B., Brentwood, CA (Land Developer in Home Office)


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