Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach/Trainer, Hands-on Organizer

Donna is a renowned professional organizer, productivity consultant, coach, trainer, speaker and writer. She is a creative, detail-oriented people-person with an expertise in office and staff management, project and space planning, marketing and sales.

Based in West Los Angeles, CA, her company has served clients locally, nationally and internationally since 1984. Clients include those in Hawaii, California, Nassau in the Bahamas, and Holland.

When her business was seven years old, in 1991, Donna discovered and joined the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Los Angeles Chapter.

On a full-time basis, Donna has shared her expertise and extensive training with clients and colleagues. She continues to learn through continuing education programs to provide valuable services and a high standard of excellence to each client.


This Organizing Specialist is dedicated to providing personalized assistance and sharing time-tested techniques, empowering each client, and improving their professional and personal lifestyles. Making a positive difference in the world of each client is foremost.

Through on-site appointments and phone consultations, and with her philosophy: “it’s powerful and fun to be organized,” clients learn effective organizing skills and develop new habits. Also, they learn how to avoid wasting time, space, money and energy searching for misplaced items or enduring the inconvenience of unnecessary clutter. As a result, clients enjoy peace of mind, finding what they need when they need it, and spending time doing what they do best!


donna-awardnapo-award-2013Donna D. McMillan was awarded the highly acclaimed FOUNDERS’ AWARD* – the industry’s highest honor – for “outstanding contributions to the organizing profession” by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) in 1998.

  • Best Organizing Coach or Mentor Award, Los Angeles Organizing Awards, 2007
  • Best Business Organizer Award, 7th Annual Organizing Awards, 2013

*The Founders Award was established to recognize that person within our profession who most embodies the spirit of NAPO and our mission. (highest award given to a member) This year’s recipient was Donna McMillan, McMillan & Company Professional Organizing. Donna gives energetically to NAPO and its members, both novice and veteran, and has been described as “dauntlessly devoted to NAPO and the profession of organizing in every word she speaks, in every workshop she presents and in all she does.” Donna has been an active member of NAPO since 1991 and is a leader as well as a team player. She is always positive, forward thinking and willing to help wherever she is needed. –NAPO NEWS July-August 1998



  • NAPO-LA Newsletter Editor & Publisher 1993-1994
  • NAPO-LA Chapter President (two terms) 1994-1996
  • NAPO “Golden Circle” designation earned 1994
  • NAPO National “Founders Award” Recipient 1998 
  • NAPO National Certification Committee inaugural member two years
  • NAPO National Annual Conference Workshop leader/ trainer 5 times
  • NAPO National Annual Conferences attended 1993-2015
  • NAPO National Board of Directors 1999-2000
  • NAPO National Golden Circle Chair 2000-2005
  • NAPO Golden Circle Tips Booklet Committee Member 2000-2005
  • NAPO-LA Professional Organizers Learning Academy (POLA) and Training Session Leader 2006-2012
  • NAPO Small Business Organizing SIG 2009-present  
  • NAPO SBO-SIG Solopreneur Team Member 2011-2012
  • NAPO Education Teleclass Instructor 2011-2013 — Transference of Organizational Skills
  • HAPO Webmaster 2008-2015
  • HAPO Secretary 2015


The founder of McMillan & Company Professional Organizing (1984) and Island Organizers (2006) is and has been an active member of various local and national professional organizations including:

  • National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
  • NAPO-Los Angeles 
  • Leads Club
  • Los Angeles Professional Word Processors Network
  • Westside Businesswomen’s Association
  • LeTip International, the Bel Air Chapter  
  • Executive LeTip of West LA
  • West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
  • Institute For Challenging Disorganization (ICD), formerly National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD)
  • Hawaii Association of Professional Organizers, Inc. (HAPO)
  • Women’s Business Connection (WBC)


Beginning in 1965, Donna applied her organizing talents in the commercial world. Very early, it became apparent that her unique skills were beneficial. She developed customized systems for record-keeping, forms, filing, procedures, time and space management in every office she worked. Her expertise evolved in the insurance, corporate and small business, property management industry, and direct sales arenas.

In 1984, this pioneer Professional Organizer, founded her own business (unheard of at the time) on the basis of the Golden Rule and a sincere desire to help others become and stay organized, productive and successful. She applies her creative and organizational talents, learned skills and hands-on experience to perform organizing services and privately coach clients in corporate offices, small businesses and residences.

With a passion to make a difference and a goal to empower each client, Donna helps individuals and companies regain control of their paperwork, time, space and lives. She gently guides those who are anxious to change their situations and habits. Many clients affectionately say she’s their personal “Clutter Therapist.”

Continuing Education includes courses offered through the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), NAPO-Los Angeles, and the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD). Donna earned the NSGCD Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization in May 2005. She also continues to attend seminars focusing on entrepreneurship, marketing and various organizing industry specialties (time management, etc.)

McMillan & Company Professional Organizing and Island Organizers practice NAPO’s Code of Ethics.

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