A Place For Everything

Life is so much easier when everything has a “home.” If each item is in its place – waiting for us when we need it – the stress and wasted time will end!

Are there any “homeless” items in your office or house? Rather than keeping all your possessions out (in sight), use containers inside cabinets, closets, drawers, and bookcases to declutter and systematize the space.

Here are a few more tips …

  • Before you go shopping for containers, sort everything in that closet, cupboard or drawer, then toss or put into storage (archive) all the “inactive” items.
  • Large zip-lock bags make wonderful see-through folders for important paperwork.
  • 3-Ring Notebooks are great for storing warranties and instructions for appliances and office equipment.
  • Baskets are handy for keys and sunglasses or for a pen, stamps, highlighter and paper clips to do bill paying.
  • Clear plastic shoe boxes are perfect to keep makeup and hair products
  • Old tote bags can hold sewing projects, toys, purses and off-season clothing (gloves, etc.)
  • Unused luggage or army trunks are ideal to gather memorabilia
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