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Take a break, put your feet up and just breathe for a few minutes. June 23rd is Let It Go Day, which should be everyday! According to Thomas and Ruth Roy of Pennsylvania, who created this holiday, “Whatever it is that’s been grabbing your gut or your psyche, let it go. Just let it go. It’ll be a better day afterwards.”

If you’re stressed and bouncing off the walls, you may simply be inundated with a hectic lifestyle and don’t have all the answers. You are in the majority and this is more common than you know. Many people think, “I should be able to get organized on my own.” Who said that? Not everyone was taught the organizing skills they would need during their lifetime. Also, we often hear, “Every time I try to get organized, I get sidetracked and just end up with big mess.”

Each week our office receives calls and emails from women and men (across the country) who desperately want to rebuild their lives in one way or another. June is National Rebuild Your Life Month. Even though their situations are not usually as severe as the victims of natural disasters, there are various reasons why help is needed. Often, life-changing experiences create the disorganized condition. These individuals are overwhelmed, tired of the mess, want peace of mind, and don’t know where to start. Today, more folks take the Leap of Faith and are enjoying the benefits of hiring an experienced Professional Organizer.


“Cultivate order before confusion sets in.” – Lao Tzu, Tao te Ching

Clutter and chaos are expensive! Your time is valuable and your energy doesn’t need to be wasted. Would you like help to let go of unproductive habits and unnecessary items in your office and home? An experienced, supportive Professional Organizer will help you physically sort through your paperwork and possessions, and gently guide you through the difficult decisions and organizational process. You will be empowered and learn the skills and techniques that apply to your special needs.

When we ask clients what’s making them “crazy,” their responses are usually very similar. They include incoming mail, day-to-day clutter, wasting too much time, financial and other papers, no efficient systems, can’t find anything quickly, too much stuff and many boxes to sort through. Do you have a dream (goal) to get organized as soon as possible?

We are problem solvers! For us, it’s not just about organizing the stuff, it’s more about our clients … what caused this situation, why do they want to get organized now, where do they want to focus first, how committed are they to completing the project, how quickly can they make decisions, and when can they make an appointment with themselves (and us) to begin? To be honest, most organizing projects need two or more sessions in order to address all of a client’s “puzzles.” For large projects, we break them down into phases or “chewable bites.” We begin by committing to one room or area of the office or home. Paperwork, filing systems, procedures, closets and storage areas are very common.

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