Is It Getting Too Noisy?

Article by Sherie L. Zander, Ph.D., Dr. Sherie Zander, 310-472-9736

Have you ever had a room full of people shouting at you, calling out to you, and needing your immediate attention? If not, perhaps you can imagine what that would be like – frustrating, confusing, irritating and possibly, immobilizing. Trying to respond to all of the needs at once will slow you down and you will accomplish very little. Meanwhile, the voices continue to cry out.

Because women perceive everything around them with “diffuse awareness” and because they do not have a man’s ability to “single focus”, everything in their environment seems to scream for their attention. The unmade bed says, “Make me!” The dirty dishes say, “Wash me!” The unopened mail says, “open me, sort me, file me!” The rooms are very noisy. The frustration, confusion, and irritation this creates can become overwhelming. As the piles of clutter build up, the noise gets louder and some women become immobilized.

It is at this point that a professional organizer can be a godsend. A skilled organizer will bring order out of the chaos. In addition to finding homes for things and clearing up clutter, there will be peace and quiet in the home or office. What a relief! Finally, all those screaming voices have been silenced!

I have found Donna McMillan to be a professional organizer who is capable of quieting the voices. She knows how to bring order into a messy room or closet, and she does it joyfully and without judgment.

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